Remarks from Her Honour the Lieutenant Governor

We opened the New Brunswick Literature Garden on August 19, 2018.  We were delighted to have the opening feature remarks from the Honourable Jocelyne Roy Vienneau, ONB, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick and the Garden’s Honorary Patron.  With her kind permission, we reproduce the text of her remarks here.


An old Chinese proverb says:

          “Pleasure for one hour – a bottle of wine.
Pleasure for one year – a marriage.
But pleasure for a lifetime – a garden.”

À titre de 31e lieutenant-gouverneur, je suis fier d’être le président honoraire des Jardins botaniques de Fredericton, et du projet souligné aujourd’hui.

I first want to thank you for making arrangements to hold this event today, as I know it had been originally planned for yesterday.  It was a difficult day for Fredericton, following a difficult week.  And so, being here today is perhaps just what we needed.

J’apprécie vos efforts et votre coopération considèrent les funérailles pour les deux officiers.

And so, to the business at hand …. it has made me realize that SO many well-known books feature inspirational gardens….

  • Pride and Prejudice
  • The Secret Garden
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Even Alice in Wonderland

But this is a FIRST!  A garden featuring literature…..  And what’s even better – NEW BRUNSWICK literature!!!

It is an ambitious venture.  But, the end result is truly a source of pride for the entire community, as we enjoy the last throws of summer…..

And as we creep closer to harvest time, soon enough it will be winter…., and then, we will all be longing for spring…. and what spring holds – Hope, rebirth, inspiration….

The bulbs in the ground, which will blossom into beautiful flowers; the buds on the trees which will turn into flowers or fruit; and this plot of land, on the edge of Odell Park, will again be transformed into a wonderful, public green space.

These Gardens are a treasure – open, accessible and enjoyed by so many who live here.

The great New Brunswick poet Bliss Carmen wrote about a “Wild Garden”:

         “The woods are dyed with purple,
The west is washed with gold,
And in the waiting twi-light
There is a story told.”

THIS garden tells an amazing story!

Alors, j’espère que tous les gens de la région de Fredericton constatent la valeur de ce projet – aujourd’hui et dans l’avenir.

This project is for young and old, avid gardeners and novice green thumbs, for people who can tell the difference between 150 different blossoms and even those of us who don’t know a weed from wisteria.

There is great value in the beauty of nature.

There is artistry.

There is solace.

There is learning.

There is peace.

There can be great personal satisfaction.

That is why I am delighted to serve as your Honorary Patron.

And on behalf of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, I thank the organizers for their work, and I offer my personal commitment to promote this New Brunswick Literature Garden.

We need green space, and we certainly need the written word…..

Thank you for bringing them together for the people of Fredericton – and beyond.

Well done.

Bravo et merci beaucoup.